A Weight Loss Challenge Offers Accountability That Leads To Healthy Weight Loss And Management

A Weight Loss Challenge brings tremendous benefit to participants who want help with their weight reduction goals and one of the most effective of those is accountability.

No matter what you do it's likely that you'll do it better if you know you'll be called on to report your progress. Few and far between are the people who can perform at their best without the consequence of a sub-par effort rattling around in their noggin.

The Weight Loss Challenge, a friendly competition among a group of like-mined people with a common goal, offers safe and friendly accountability in a fun atmosphere.

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Challenges are organized in small groups, 40 or less, and take place all over the world. They are modeled after the "Biggest Loser" TV show and consist of 12 once a week courses that teach scientifically based nutrition concepts to help participants lose excess pounds.

Contestants pay a small fee, typically $35, to join a Challenge. $10 goes to charity and $25 gets tossed into the 'jackpot' to pay to the three biggest losers. Weight loss if figured as a percentage of body weight so it's fair for men and women alike.

Accountability in the Weight Loss Challenge comes in the form of an initial weigh-in and measurement session. The coach makes a record of the weights and measures on a record and records the weekly progress at each weeks meeting. The coach will keep track of both pounds lost and inches lost.

If a contestant gains weight between classes they agree to pay a dollar per pound into the jackpot. Accountability is created for attendance as well since missed meetings will cost the contestant a five-dollar donation to the kitty.

The top three weight losers (based on percentage of body weight) will receive a cash prize from the entry fees collected. A fourth prize, for the person who loses the most overall inches, is an award of all the weight gain and attendance penalties collected during the course of the contest.

Though it's a competition, it's a friendly one that fosters an uplifting accountability of encouragement instead of intimidation. That accountability is the little extra needed by many, and ironically missing when they try to lose weight on their own. A like-minded group of friends with a common goal will make all the difference.

Finally, the length of the WLC allows time for healthy corrections if the participant is not trending as expected. An objective coach is available by phone and email to support contestants through each week and beyond.

If you think a lack of accountability is behind past weight loss disappointments then a Weight Loss Challenge is just what you need.

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