How to Avoid Weight Loss Myths and How to Stay Healthy - 5 Common Sense Tips

Feeling healthy, comfortable in your body and confident with oneself, is a dream shared by many people. Nowadays, because of our lifestyle a large portion of the Western population has become obese, hence the need for countless weight loss advices and fad diets. Unfortunately, for people searching for genuine advices, marketers and business people have found a fertile niche within this obesity epidemic and have turned much of what is produced within that niche into utter garbage. Today, myths are a fairly common thing in the weight loss industry. However, the real problem with all those myths, is that some of them can be harmful or even fatal to people. So here is a list of a couple of tricks that you can use to avoid being caught in those myths.

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1. Make sure you read the diet plan when you start a new diet. This is one of the best things you can do to avoid all those myths. If you see that what's in front of you doesn't make sense then don't go for it, that's as simple as that. Of course that cannot be used if you're creating your own diet plan, but if you're looking to purchase a diet plan or you already bought one this is one of the most important thing to do in order to avoid yourself getting harm.

2. Like I said in the last paragraph and like I said in many other articles if it's too good to be true then most likely it is. Don't go for diets who claim that you're going to lose 7 pounds in seven days, this is absurd. Whenever you hear or learn about a sudden weight loss diet, runaway. It's likely that the diet in question is going to be harmful to your body and your health. Many studies have shown that a normal weight loss should be around 2 or 3 pounds a week. If you go over that, most likely you are not even losing fat, you're only losing water which is not what you want.

3. You should always make yourself a tailored plan, build according to your specific needs. This is one of the best ways to avoid getting harm while dieting. If the plan is customized to your needs and you took the time at the beginning to identify what your goals were, then the risk of hurting yourself is greatly diminished. While making your plan you should also consult specialists like your physician, a nutritionist and a dietitian.

4. Always be on the lookout for diets that recommend that you starved yourself to death. Needless to say, that those diets are useless and can be very dangerous to your health. No matter what these people suggest, starving your body is not the right way to lose weight. Remember that burning fat too rapidly is also not the right way to lose weight. If you're really serious about getting thin, go for a diet that offers a complete nutrition plan. That way you'll be better prepared than with those 1 apple a day diets.

5. Sometimes, during the weight loss process if you're exercising you might experience a weight gain. This should not be systematically confused with a problem with your diet. I repeat this does not mean that your diet is not working properly. Most likely if everything is going as planned it means that you're gaining muscle weight not fat weight. Muscles are more dense than fat and so they are heavier, but they don't take as much space as fat. The result being that you're going to look thinner while waiting a bit more at the same time. A gain in muscle mass is also a good thing in terms of metabolism, because a higher muscle structure will likely enhance your metabolic rate which is going to make you lose weight even when you're not exercising.

6. Last but not least, you should already know that because of all of the previous advices but you must avoid at all cost a diet that proposes that you do not exercise. Such a diet would most likely be unhealthy and pose a risk to your body. There is no way out of this. In order for someone to lose weight he/she needs to eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis. In layman's term losing weight is only a matter of burning more calories than you ingest. So if a diet recommends that you only change what you eat without adding regular exercises, well that diet is not healthy.

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